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I hope 5 years down the road this will be the avenue I will look back on.

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My first day!
Tuesday, February 25, 2014 ▪ 1:13 AM

so yay guys, I have completed my first day of being a sales assistant! I just wanna pen down how it went.

Firstly, I went to the outlet 2 minutes late at 10:47am and the shop manager went "Clara, you are late! Be 15 minutes earlier next time." Sigh, so that was my first boo boo of the day. 

However, after my first boo-boo, the shop manager never talk about it again and in fact, she was really nice! She brought me around the shop and explained to me briefly what the products are and what are the difference between Body Polish and Body Scrub, body butter and body cream. Also, the difference between parfum, toilette and mist. I thought this part was interesting. After going through the numerous products the company has, she went on to tell me all the ongoing promotions + the loyalty card and the rewards system! I have to admit, that was confusing! After all the mind raiding info, I am ready to start the job for the day! 

After serving a few customers in the morning, then the shop was empty - there were no foot fall in our outlet and I got bored.... By then, it was already 2 pm and the shop manager politely asked me to take an hour break. I ate at subway (thanks to the influence of The biggest loser, haha) and began to wonder and think......"oh my gosh, what have I gotten myself into? sales is SO NOT my thing!!!" Then, i began to visualise on how to tell my shop manager I wanna resign! hahahahahaha

When I went back to the shop, a full-timer began to talk to me and she was really friendly! Later, my shop manager and the full timer began talking and they started to tell me how some part-timers work for only a day and then felt that sales was not their cup of tea and they decided to quit on that day! They went on to tell me how flabbergasted they felt when people quit just like that! hahahhaa by then I was like "uh oh, this part timer sounds just like me" lol then the store manager turned and asked "Clara, you are not like them right?" hahahhaha *awkward* but being the PR i am, I smiled widely and said "No, of course not!"

But throughout the afternoon, I began to feel that I kinda like being a sales assistant. I get to interact with a lot people in my first day - I met really fussy customers, customers who only speaks Chinese abd also customers who were really nice but most importantly, appreciative! 

There was one who left me with the most impression:

#1: A malay lower secondary school boy came in looking lost to look for "something", I went over to his side and served him and asked him was there any particular product he was looking for! He told me his mum's birthday was around the corner and he wanted to buy a birthday gift for her but the problem was he did not know what the mum likes... flower scent? fruity scent? Wow, and that make me think.... at such a young age, he is so damn thoughtful! I swear being the emotional girl I am, i thought the boy was damn sweet to his mum and I felt like tearing. Even though, in the end, he did not buy anything from the store, he smiled sincerely at me and thanked me for my help! DOUBLE WOW - so courteous and polite!  hahaha  Anyway, that made me thought of Firdaus, one of my archery friends, who is a malay and really filial as well! Coincidentally, Firdaus was from the boy's school as well!  

Serving appreciative customers like him today made me love my job more :)

I am feeling really warm and fuzzy inside and I really can't wait to start my job tomorrow and meet more interesting customers! kekeke

P.s/ today is my Gor's birthday.... but i guess I will leave it for another day! 

love ya, till then!

Update: just went to read the verse of the day at bible gateway

"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you. And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:11-13KJV"


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A new chapter // Carpe Diem
Sunday, February 23, 2014 ▪ 9:24 PM

Ever since coming back from Shanghai, I have been feeling really down. I felt so lost as I began to worry so many things in my life - my uni application and a job for this period. 

Working in Shanghai has taught me a great deal of independence and has brought a revelation that I am not young anymore and I shouldn't be so "useless" (for the lack of better word) and reap the benefits in working for my uncle's company. I told myself firmly, it was time to be independent and to find a job based on my capabilities but neither did I know.... there was a price to pay. 

Coming back to Singapore, I was offered 2 full-time jobs and I declined both of them because of an immature behaviour in me - I feared stress. 

When I was accepted to a part time job that paid 6/hr, I was so freaking happy and began to tell my friends about it. I thought they will be happy for me too but they talked sense to me and told me I was foolish to choose the part time job that pays 6/hr. Besides, I am already considered a "graduate".
 Now, it is too late to regret because I have already signed a letter of appointment with them and I will be starting work tomorrow. 

Reflecting about my childish behaviour for a few days now and I am just so annoyed with myself that I should not have chose the easier way out. I guess i have myself to blame for not praying and ask God for guidance. Yesterday, one of my favourite quote crossed my mind
"Never let the fail of striking out, keep you from playing the game."

How true.  

So my friends, I hope you guys will not choose what is easy but choose something that will hone your skills for your future.

To keep things optimistic, this part time job is just temporary. If i get to uni, I will be working until Aug. If I don't get into university, I will quit and apply a full time job. 

: > 


What makes a good friend?
▪ 8:49 PM

Have this thought ever crossed your mind - Am I a good friend? This thought has been lingering in me for a period and I do safely say that think I am a good friend to some because I try to show care and concern when they need help. At times, I go all out to support them unconditionally. Additionally, I share my personal struggles as an encouragement with others and what God has revealed/ taught me in the midst of struggling. I  thought these are the fundamental and characteristics that makes me a good friend. To all the best friends I have put in effort with, I feel that i have accomplished my role as a friend. 

There are times when I know there are some friends who cares about me but I did not invest the same amount of effort in their friendship and that makes me sad. However, I am glad that despite all my flaws and all my incompetency as a 'good' friend to some, I am glad there are others who are still willing to invest their time and effort in me..... and for that I am grateful. 

Just a simple thought of asking me out makes me really happy. So thank you nat for investing in this friendship. I don't know if you are reading this but thank you for asking me out today and giving me a treat. Though we don't really talk much now a days but whenever we do meet up, there are so much to talk and catch up in each other's life. Our friendship has gone a long way since primary school and for a friendship to last that long, I promise I will hold dear to this. I mean how often can we find a friend who can sit down with you and talk for a few hours non-stop? 

Wishing you all the best as you start the next chapter in your life in a week's time but most importantly, I just want to thank you for being a really good friend. Love you. xoxo 

A photo to conclude this post: Spanish Hash from Wild Honey. (24 SGD) 

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Shanghai Optical Market
Saturday, February 22, 2014 ▪ 7:58 PM

My conscience has been bugging me to do a post about Shanghai Optical Market. I guess it is because, when I was researching about Shanghai Optical Market (aka 3 ye optical glasses market) I can't find much information or photos about the place so i made a resolution that I MUST go there and I MUST do a review about the place so that people won't be that lost when they are there.

Firstly, Nearest Metro Station - Line 1 : Shanghai Railway Station
Address: Muling Road #188, 4-5 Floors (穆棱路188号4-5楼)

My roomates and I went there by taxi and because the place was quite a distance from our house, we paid around 30 RMB (6SGD) for the cab fare.

The place is like a deserted shopping mall and you need to take a lift to the 4 or 5th floor to catch a glimpse of the optical market.

When we came out of the lift, it was shop after shops after shops of optical shops! It was crazy, the competition amongst shops are so intense and you can feel it as the assistants are standing in front of their stores trying and persuade you to come in to see the latest/ hottest spectacles in town.   

We walked for awhile and then I got bored because the spectacle frames are the same in almost all the shops. lol and then i got annoyed because they kept pestering me to go in and take a look. ughhhh

So I went to 5th floor and it was much quieter and the human traffic wasn't as much as the 4th level. 

So i went to a random store and take a look with the intention of buying from them because i was already so freaking tired and I knew what i already wanted but they were so freaking persuasive and asked me to stay and just buy from them. I was already so tired from looking around so i relented and bought from them.  They did my eye test in a rush and I didn't really like it :/

They are located at level 5 - shop number 5010/ 5011

After that we accompanied Grace to level 4 and make her spectacles (I can't remember the shop name and shop number) but their service was so much better than the shop I went to. They served Grace's water and did their eye test really detailedly. Upon reflection, I kinda regret buying from my store. :< 

After 40 minutes, we went up again and was really pleased with my spectacles! I bought 2 spectacles and they cost 200 RMB for a pair. In total I paid 400 RMB (80 SGD). If you are keen on transition lenses, you just have pay an addition of 100 RMB. 


This is Vivi's specs and they cost only 150RMB (faints// so cheap). The reason why is because her degree was very low. Maybe less than 100 degrees? 

yay, happy hipster is us! kekeke

After that, we decided to take a train back and the most unfortunate thing happened. My roommate, Grace, her wallet got stolen by a pickpocket :/ Everything happened so fast, we were boarding the train and someone just bumped into her and next she knew, her wallet was gone! Shanghai Railway Station is a place where a lot of Chinese takes bus back to their hometown, so when we were at the metro station, it was really crowded! 

So yeap, if you guys are going to 3 Ye Optical Market by Metro, please take good care of your belongings. 

Till then! 

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well, I apologise
Monday, February 17, 2014 ▪ 12:04 PM

Well, I apologise to be so emotional in my previous post. I drank that night and a whole wave of emotions just came crashing over me.

Anyway, last saturday I went to an evangelistic workshop and I was there early. The worship team was practising and there I was sitting at a corner, wondering what's my worth. At the moment, I really felt like crying but then I told myself to not be a loser. I have no idea why now that I am back, I feel so insecure.

That night, I went back and read this post "Confession of a christian who still struggles" 

" Confession…
I still struggle.
I have had many rock bottom moments since.
Moments that I’ve laid in my bed face down in my pillow
crying out to a God that I didn’t even know if I believed in.
Moments where I’ve fallen flat on my face
and slipped back into addictions I thought I’d shaken.
Moments where my strength dwindled and my flesh lead
and I was left completely empty and hating myself.
Moments that I’ve doubted the very importance of my existence.
Moments where I’ve literally hidden in shame and never wanted to be seen again.
Many moments—months even—that I didn’t even crack my bible or mumble the smallest prayer." 
This paragraph was what spoke to me the most.  It is really a good read. At least, I know I am not alone. 


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