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I hope 5 years down the road this will be the avenue I will look back on.

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Sunday, December 29, 2013 ▪ 11:47 PM

6 weeks in Shanghai, the thing that I am annoyed with the most is the fact that I can't still can't manage my finances well. So angry with myself. As a 20-year-old, I feel that it is really important to start managing my finances wisely but how do I even end up spending so much that I am almost left with nothing?!?! and now my parents has to transfer money to me... -_- I'm so dumbfounded... I can't even...
Before coming to Shanghai, I remember telling myself that I need to prove that I am able and capable to manage my finances that the first sum my parents gave it to me will be able to last me through my whole of Shanghai. But I'm barely halfway done and I am already...broke. 

I cried today because I am really too disappointed with myself. 

Clara, oh Clara, really time to get your shit together if not you are gonna suffer a good time when you are an adult. 


Well, sad things aside but today is the last Sunday of the year and I am glad, i made the right decision to go to church to give thanks for whatever God has blessed me with. Good grades, good teachers, awesome bunch of friends (through this, i really know they are the ones to keep for life) and a really supportive and caring family. 

Coming to Shanghai gave me a really good wake up call that indeed I am truly blessed in Singapore. Having a maid for almost I-don't-know-when and suddenly having to do housework is like wow. Believe it a not, I've never knew how to operate a washing machine until I came to Shanghai and today while I was sweeping the floor, my back hurt like mad because our broom is really short and I have to bend down alot to sweep the floor and the first thing that came to my mind was 
"goodness, even my maid uses a vacuum cleaner back home." 

Then I remember the first sermon I shared - The Parable of the Lost Son (Luke 15:11-32) It is just like my life now thinking back - even my servant back home has a better life. LOL. okay, one thing for sure, when I am back in Singapore, I will help my maid with the housework. 

1) I will take the initiative in washing my dishes 
2) Do the laundry if my free
3) Try to be more organised so that she won't have to pack my drawer every month

I'm feeling so much better I've typed it all out. 

till then. 


Bar Bell!
Saturday, December 28, 2013 ▪ 11:28 PM

When to Bar Bell last week with my roomies! It is a very cozy and really dark bar located at tianzifang! Thank goodness my roomies work a stone throw away from that place and they went there early to order 1-1 cocktail! The 1-1 promo ends at 8pm. 

Pasta was 58 RMB


Really awesome place to just chillax! I drank 3 cocktails that night and I was really high... I even thought about smoking for the first time. I remember when I was in Singapore, Ash asked me, have you thought about smoking and I gave her a SOLID NO. 

Now I know why people constantly advice not to drink. Because when you drink and even though you are still sober, you still does thing without going through your big brain but in case you were wondering, I did not smoke that night. 

The bill came up to around 700 RMB altogether, pretty affordable considering the fact we had 10 cocktails (5 were 1-1), 3 pastas, 1 skinny pizza and sheesha. Service was excellent too, lady boss was really friendly! 

Nearest Metro Station - Dapu Bridge, Line 9 

Lane 248 Taikang Lu, 
near Sinan Lu 

Thames Town post will be up next! till then :) 

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Week Four in Shanghai
Tuesday, December 17, 2013 ▪ 12:15 AM

This is Cassie, my intern friend and I am so thankful for her in every way. She brightened up my life in ortus and is like my lunch/dinner buddy. If we end work early, we will always have dinner together at a nearby mall. Last friday, she wanted to bring me to a place where she always ate when she was in high school. We walked for an hour to locate the place and we couldn't find it -_-" 

So we settled at a fchinese fast food restaurant called 永和大王. That night we talked a lot about life and our future. Well, I don't know if we will ever meet each other again after I end my internship so I really do cherish my time with her. 

 On Saturday a postage came! I've always wanted to buy a windbreaker for fun-sake. lol. and I managed to catch this deal on 双 12 sale on taobao *_*  (btw, I am wearing this as I am typing this post)



Sunday - Church as usual! 


That night I met up with one of my churchmate, Annie. Such a blessing to be with her because she keeps telling me how her faith was strengthened during her short four months in salem. I am just so humbled and touched to hear that. Another amazing thing was that, we found out we were going to the same church in Shanghai. She was in the Chinese service at 10am and I was at the English service at 2pm. Different services but the same church! How coincidental? 

She brought me out for dinner and had the intention to treat me but after much persuasion, she finally relented and we split half half. But on one condition - that she is gonna treat me milk tea. 

We ate at Memory Restaurant, in SML centre (Damuqiao Station) The food was good (: 

Salmon salad 

Sweet and Savoury Appetiser. By the way, that is yam.

My favourite vege in Shanghai  - French Beans!  

Shanghai Speciality Fish! Yum yumz

The total bill was 116 RMB. Relatively cheap if you compare it with Singapore. 


After dinner, we went to Tian Zi fang (田子坊). It is a stone throw walk from Damuqiao station. 
Tianzifang used to be a residential area but they changed it to an artsy enclave. There are really many interesting boutique shops around! Do take a look if you are in Shanghai next time :) 


Ended the day meeting Vivien and home sweet home :)

Till then :) 

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Mini Adventures!
Monday, December 9, 2013 ▪ 11:19 AM

adios pengyews!

Basically my life in Shanghai is really boring. My work hours are unpredictable. There are times when I leave office at 3am and some at 7pm. I prefer to leave at 3am though. The sense of satisfaction I get that I know I finish my work, excites me. I guess this is part of my workaholic nature. haha

 Just gonna do an update on my every Sunday routine. I will always go to church. I'm attending Shanghai Community Fellowship is located at 53 Hengshan Road. The church has 2 English sessions - one at 2pm and the other at 4pm. SCF is really near the train station (Hengshan Road Station - Line 1) and once you are there, just exit with the sign that leads to Hengshan Road (I will do an update on the exit no. next time). Once out, just turn to your right and walk straight for 3-5 minutes :)


Yesterday was my first time having holy communion in the church. This church practices open communion - that means you can partake communion if you are a follower of christ. Worship was beautiful as usual. 

After church, I took a train and stopped at South Shanxi Road station and to my pleasant surprise, I saw iapm mall! That was the mall I always wanted to go but I don't know where it is located. haha. The mall was really grand - feels so much like Singapore's mall.

Beautiful Beautiful Christmas decorations :) 

This is the first christmas tree I see in Shanghai! Imagine my excitement! *_* I was going through a rough day the day before but looking at the christmas tree and all the beautiful decorations, ornaments,  I felt like I was floating on cloud nine.... i forgot about the rough day I had instantly. I remembered smiling to myself as I went shopping. hahahhaha 

I went to H&M because they were having sales. I took this chance to buy some clothing for my Cousins :)  I saw this dress at 199 RMB. Looks really pretty but i decided to wait until my pay day. Maybe by then, i wouldn't want to dress anymore. haha 

On saturday, while I was tapping the access card to my condo, a postman asked me to wait for him. Being the typical helpful Singaporean, I did wait and even held the door for him while he carried his heavy packages to the lift lobby. While we were in the lift he STARTED TO ASK FOR MY NUMBER :0 HOLYMOLY. 

The conversation goes like this: 

"我经常看到你上下班。 我好喜欢你,可以给我你的电话吗?交交朋友可以吗?”
(I always see you going and coming back from work and I like you. Can we be friends? Can i have your number? )

“huh? 不可以”
(Huh? No! cannot!)

(Give me your telephone. I really like you!" 

“不可以! 没有电话”
(cannot! I don't have a telephone number) 

He definitely didn't see me going and coming back from work every day because I leave work really early and I come back very late... The postman wouldn't even start working by then... so who is he kidding?

AND BESIDES.... on saturday, I was really ugly. I had my specs on, my hair was in a mess... and most importantly, no make up on. So to tell me I was pretty in the lift was something I cannot believe in. 

(These are some visual representation of me when Im in my specs LOL)

Hope life in Singapore back for you guys are good thus far! Till next time ;) 

till then. xoxo 

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