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I hope 5 years down the road this will be the avenue I will look back on.

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Orchard X2
Friday, December 7, 2012 ▪ 10:50 PM

Last week I went to town twice! I'm just so thankful to be in this semester. This semester is really considered a breeze compared to the last! :) Praise God :)

I met up with my kuku for an impromptu dinner! she treated me because i passed my Driving Practical! Anw, speaking of driving practical, I was really lucky to get such a kind tester! :)

We ate at Ding Tai Feng at 313! I always love Ding Tai Feng's service! They are so efficient and friendly! The total bill was around $65 but it was worth every cent! Love every single dish i ordered! wait... except for the some cold papya white fungus dessert. 

The next day i met up with my Eldrynn  for dinner at 313 again! lol. we went marché!
Their food was so-so except for their sweet crepe and their service was horrible! ughhh. I can't believe I've encountered 2 really unfriendly staffs :/ Thank God there isn't any service charge in the bill. 



I downloaded this app that allows me to liquify my face..... and i'm hooked. I have not uploaded any photos of my liquified face to facebook or twitter yet. Uploaded one on instagram but i did mention that it was a liquified version! It is very addictive and I finally realised why some females just spent hours photoshopping their face to make them look skinny! The idea of wanting to be perfect, slim is really quite apparent. #life. 


See quite chio right! so I've compiled some of these photos and saved it as my wallpaper. Every time I look at my phone, I'm so FREAKKING motivated to eat right and exercise.  I really hope, one day i will really look this skinny! lol 

and yesterday i went to the post office and got my driving license ^_^

My ahgu is coming back tomorrow! can't wait :) 

till next time! 

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Keep Calm and Lim Tay
Monday, December 3, 2012 ▪ 9:38 PM




Have a a blessed marriage, leaders :) 


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