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Last week of holidays.
Wednesday, October 17, 2012 ▪ 7:01 PM

last week marks the end of my 1 month and 3 weeks holiday and truth to be told, i felt that i have not rested enough. No, it is not because i am lazy or i wished for longer holidays. The reason was that my holiday was just as packed as a school semester, minus the project works. My whole holiday was pretty much routined, which i hated it. 1,3,5 were reserved for working in my aunt's tuition centre accounting department and 2,4,6 were reserved for archery. And that leaves sunday free. I don't even have time to exercise as much as i wished to with people who are dear to me. like my secondary school friends. This holiday wasn't how i envisioned it to be but never mind. Oh wait, i think i digressed. haha.

So my last week of holidays were spent with my, Christian fellowship friends, My cellgroup members, NP archers and my family. I think it would have been perfect if i have made myself available and met up with 5 hope :(

Wednesday, with my CF friends, we went to lau pa sat for dinner and then we walked to MBS and watch the fountain show! The show was spectacular!


Beautiful lightings and there were so much bubbles around us! I felt so happy like a kid.

 It looks really surreal and for a moment i felt that i wasn't in Singapore!

On Friday, i met up with my Cellgroup members for dinner at Crust, located at Upper Thomson Road! We celebrated Nat and Jeremiah's birthday!

And on Saturday, we had steamboat at Nicole's house! It was supposed to be dinner but we started at 9.30/10pm. so it became supper.  oh and look below! Tell me which CCA is featured in NP News? :)

 And this is Normz for you. He was so hungry that he ate vegetables that was supposed to be cooked! 

Look at his "F U clara" face in the last pic! AHHAHAHAA

 Farhan and Amos!

I sent my dad this picture and i told him to take his time to fetch me back because i have not started on my dinner/ supper. LOL

Quiz: Who is chinese in this picture?

After church on Sunday, my family and I went to my uncle and auntie's new tuition centre at Safra Toa Payoh! The classrooms are pretty cool! There were different themes for each room.

Their bean bags matched the colours of their shirt!

This classroom has another theme and the floor is made up of artificial turf. how cool is that?

Then we had lunch at McDonalds.

He looks so cute when he was licking the ice cream. I just kept smiling at myself at the way he eats.

no doubt, my joy pill :) 

Till then :) 

And things will get better right? I can only hope.

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