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I hope 5 years down the road this will be the avenue I will look back on.

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Seoul Garden!
Tuesday, September 25, 2012 ▪ 9:46 PM

My mum decided to bring us to Ngee Ann City's Seoul Garden for dinner! When we reached there at 6.30pm it wasn't pack at all! Not bad for a Sunday night, don't you think! :) The cashier charged us extra for one more person! Thank Goodness my bro is a maths genius and he felt something was wrong so he asked my mum for the receipt and went to double check. My daddy supposed to dine for free because it was his birthday month but they accidentally charged another person. And because it was my parents paying I've don't have any comments about this incident. heehee. okay, maybe at least they need to be more careful next time! 

Yeap, my dad dined for free that day! 

Seoul Garden has got quite a number of meat dishes that were marinated very well (Y) My personal favourites would be Teriyaki Chicken, Tom Yum Chicken and Garlic Chicken! nom nomz.

What i like about Ngee Ann City's Seoul Garden is that they make an effort to hire people with disabilities (not sure about other branches)! Like for example, my table was cleared by a girl who is deaf and she is so friendly and even bothered to make conversations with us using hand gestures! When my parents asked them to change the hotplates, they came back very promptly! not to forget, the speed they cleared our used plates was super fast! 
After we were almost done with our food, ohgoodnessgraciousme the restaurant became so packed and crowded! Thank goodness we arrived earlier ^_^

Ice Cream! 

After dinner we went to Best Denki and I was quite disturb by this Olympus Camera point of purchase! The function they wanted to promote is its waterproof features right? fine. But this advertising gimmick is so wrong! Follow me to get a better picture in your head.
The cameras are not in the water. The cameras are behing the water! So the camera are in air (Supported by plastic lah).

My dad and I was fooled by this large poster thing! we thought it was a real sofa and look at what we did!

Till then! xoxo

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Clarisonic Mia 2: Best Skin Exfoliator
▪ 12:22 AM

If you guys remembered my post on my acne journey, you guys would know that I'm using Kin Mun clinic's face products for acne and it is extremely drying for my skin and that's when Clarisonic Mia 2 comes in very very handy :) I was putting on my creme foundation this morning and realised my skin was extremely dry and hence the foundation was very cakey. 


When i smile, i can feel my skin getting so tight and it feels like it is gonna crack anytime :(  There was this day it was peeling so badly that my blouse has bits and pieces of dry skin (it looks like dandruff when the dead skin is on my blouse. lol, obviously I am freaking embarrassed and ashamed but i figured aiya, look so cui alr, just look cui all the way. no fear man.)

(Right profile | Left profile)

And Yes Clarisonic really works! 

 Because today my skin was really dry and there was a lot of dead skin, I used it twice (aka 2 minutes) this morning. After exfoliating, my skin felt really soft.  My face looked more red because i just came out from the bath but the/dry and dead skin is gone! 

 (Right Profile | Left Profile) 

 Before and After: Right Profile

 Before and After: Left Profile
 p.s/ I dont know why my before picture is so orange-y and my after picture is so white-tish

The point im trying to bring across to you is that Clarisonic mia 2 is really a good exfoliator! and  from the reviews i read online, they said
"Using the Clarisonic will prepare your face so your skin absorbs the skin products more effectively."
This is so true!

If you have got some extra cash with you and your face is in a horrible condition like mine, why not just splurge on this small machine? :) Might do a very detailed review on Clarisonic Mia 2 if I am not lazy! 

Till next time!

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Monday, September 24, 2012 ▪ 1:08 AM

What would happen if you meet yourself one day? 


i guess i will tell my reflection 
"oh goodness, you are so lame and funny! HAHAHAHAH" 

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Hair Chalk Fun!
Saturday, September 22, 2012 ▪ 10:38 PM

($6.90, Art Friend) 



I was so bored the other day at home and decided to temporarily dye (hair chalk) my hair. The colours were chio, okay?! *_* The only downside is that in the process of hairchalking, you will dirty your hands and your shirt! 

Right after im done chalking my hair, my sissy saw it and she went "mama, gonna scold you when you are back". The scolding never comes and you don't have to be a genius to guess why. I really love this gullible little sissy of mine! Now i hope you guys won't judge me for being an evil older sister. 

okidokies! till next time.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012 ▪ 10:52 PM

Mindblowing, originally uploaded by Clatjw.


adjective Slang .
1. overwhelming; astounding: Spending a week in the jungle was a mind-blowing experience.
2. producing a hallucinogenic effect: a mind-blowing drug.

This shoot was so fun. literally trying to bounce on my sofa and Anik was kinda angry with me because she thought the sofa was gonna break anytime. LOL. The next day my whole back and shoulders were so sore and i thought it was because i carried all my heavy archery equipments (Totally forgot about this shoot) . I only realised my soreness was due to the fact i tried to "jump"/ bounce on the sofa when i edited the pictures. HHAHAHA.

(wanted to upload this on flickr)

Some of the failed shots. haha 

I love this failed shot a lot. haha

Look at how crazy I was. ROFL.

Kinda looking forward to this week and i hope nothing will go wrong! 

Definitely a spin-off from: 
great day ahead!, originally uploaded by iamClara..

till next time! 

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Ted X fish by fish & co
Thursday, September 13, 2012 ▪ 10:19 PM

On Monday, I met up with my archery peepos to watch Ted! Since it was highly raved by my friends, I thought it would be a very good movie. Besides, the rating at IMDB was a high 7.5/10. I expected a lot from the movie but it turned out to be a movie with a really horrible plot -.- the jokes were really funny though. Love it when ted says "I'm not alone because we have Christ with us" totally cracked me up.

Free small coke (Thanks to the student privileges)  And the small popcorn is $3! 

Then after the movie Geng ming and norman met us for dinner. The only restaurant that looks good and that is halal is F.I.S.H by fish & co. had a pretty bad experience there that night, I'm not even joking. (more about that later)


(From norm's camera)



all three of them were taking videos!

The food was divine though. I really love my herb sirloin steak in medium well! The meat was thick and succulent. It wasn't too bloody and it wasn't too though either.  nom nom! 

Norman's Lamb Casserole 

Geng Ming's Fish & Chip! 

 Serena's Prawn Fettuccine

Nicole's Salmon.

Okay, well now, if you allow (you don't have a choice) let me rant about what I hate about the restaurant. It basically boils down to their service. IT SUCKS hell loads. I think I'm a fairly normal tempered woman but once I encounter bad service, I swear I will always rage. And come on, if we are in a restaurant, your service better be good since we are PAYING for 10% service charge.

1) They didn't serve us water.
Oh Holymama. I think that is the basis of every restaurant. While we were waiting for Geng Ming to arrive, we stayed at the restaurant for a good 20 minutes but none of them offered to serve us water. Tsktsk. - 10 points from you.

2) next, the waitress can't even memorise our orders even though she wrote it on her paper. (basically, she can't recognised her own handwriting) When she repeated our order, she forgot some of my friends' orders and I was like

She looked quite nervous when she repeated the order and after that she left in a hurry. - 3 points

3) the waiting time for our food was long, WAY TOO LONG.. -.- we waited for a good 40 mins before 4/7 main dishes arrive. And waited another 23 minutes for the other 2 main dishes to arrive (they forget Ingrid and Farhan's orders, oh gawd, you kidding me? -.-) -27 points

See while waiting for Farhan's and Ingrid's main dishes. I'm pretty sure most of us were hungry but we were a bit too paiseh to finish all out food, so most of us finished the sides only. LOL.

potatoes in my stomach.

potatoes and tomatoes in Nicole's stomach.

French fries in Geng Ming's stomach.

 This one lagi best. Serena and Norman played "Pick up pasta" you know like pick up stick? hahah. yeah, they picked up pasta. TROLOLLOLOL.

4) They didn't bother to refill our water too. 
I raised up my hand and made eye contact with a waiter and instead of coming here he just turned away and walk to the other direction. FAIL FAIL FAIL FOR BAD SEVICE.

Overall the food was really good but because of their horrible service, I doubt I will ever patronise the store. Don't think that it is the only halal restaurant in 313, there's Hot Tomato beside it. Yes, I think when I'm out with my besties next time, I will keep in mind to strike F.I.S.H by fish & co off my list.

//End of Clara's rants.//

Before i sign off, here's a video that Norman edited. Don't know if you guys wanna watch because it is 13 mins long. heeheee but it is really funny!

Till then ^_^

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