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I hope 5 years down the road this will be the avenue I will look back on.

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Brave & Old School Delights!
Friday, August 31, 2012 ▪ 9:29 AM

After hearing countless of praises, I finally caught Brave with one of church friend, nat :)

This movie is so nice! There's no prince - princess love story like the usual Pixar's movies but this movie talks about how being selfish will have a negative impact on one's life, family unity and a mother's unconditional love. 

It shows how a mother and daughter overcome many arguments and obstacles together and later the daughter realises what she done was wrong and she remembers all the times her mother was with her when she was having a 'down' moment. 

I find this movie highly relatable to me because at times i really can't communicate with my mother well and at times i fail to see and remember what my mum has done for me and how much she had contributed in my life and most of the time i take all these blessings for granted (I'm sure most of us do it too). And no matter how many times we have failed or disappoint them, they still love us conditionally.  As I've mentioned earlier because the fact that this movie is so highly relatable to me, i found this movie very heartfelt and touching in most of the scenes! 

This is one of the best pixar film I've watched thus far and i've loved every single one except for Wall.E!  I highly recommend Brave! not to forget there's quite a number of archery scenes in the beginning of the movie. heehee!

The triplets are so cute in the movie especially when they turned into three little baby bears! AIYO, BUAY TAHAN TOO CUTE ALR. *_*

Student price ftw! \m/

After that, Nat and I went to Old School Delights! 

That's the menu!

Inside this box there are a lot of old school games like snake and ladder, 5 stones, Happy Family, and some country erasers.

Lemon Barley drink
Very thick and concentrated drink but I don't think they combined the flavours well together. 

The macaroni soup. ($5.90) 
Really look like the canteen food and the soup is very light, very healthy but it is definitely not justifiable to pay so much for a macaroni soup -_-" 

Banana Cake.
Really fresh! and it smells so Good!

Sticky Chewy Chocolate Cake!
really fudgy and the chocolate is warm when we ate it! Nom nomz

 Apple Cake Crumble!
The top part is really crunchy and when you bite it you can taste the very sticky and fresh apple :)
nom nomz x2 :)

I can't really remember the prices for all the cakes but they are roughly $4-$5 per slice.

 My date for the day <3

 Look at these flags i found in the toy box! These countries flags are so similar!

The interior of the restaurant! Quite pretty huh? guess the ambience and company made up for the pricey food <3

Found Mr Kiasu in the store! THIS BOOK WAS MY CHILDHOOD COMIC LAH! My bro got the blue cover one and i got the yellow! 

Guessed the owners are Christians too? :)

Thank you Natalie for the wonderful day again! I can't wait for the next food outing with you again :)

till next time. xoxo.

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DIY - Studded Hairband In 4 Easy Steps
Monday, August 27, 2012 ▪ 3:00 PM

How To: DIY - Studded Hairband!

I've got a strong urge to do studded hairband after the trip to Art friend! 

You will need: 

1. Hairband 
2. Studs ( $1.90)
3. Glue Gun ($7)


Mini Glue Gun.


1) Lay down all your studs on the table with the hairband and arrange it to where you want it to be! 

2) After having a rough idea of where you want your studs to be, mark it with a permanent/ Black marker! 

3) Put the hot melt on the hairband and then place your stud on the hot melt. (Repeat this step)

It will be quite messy but after the hot melt dries up, you can peel it off.

4) The end product!  TADAH!!!!

Was wearing my Club jersey because i wanted to go back to school to shoot on that day but when im preparing to head out, it started to pour. So camwhore lor (Flicks hair)


It is really simple to do and it is very cheap (if you have the glue gun and hairband alr)! 
Good luck. 

Till next time! :) 

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End of Year 2, Semester One.
Sunday, August 26, 2012 ▪ 5:58 PM

Last Thursday, Agency Business Management was our last paper and thank God it was so easy peasy. Went to the exam hall feeling so nervous but when i saw the questions i was smiling from ear to ear :) muahahahah. Went to have a celebratory lunch at Swensens with my poly friends and as usual, their service sucks. I've got a hunch that they are secretly despising students. tsktsk. Same goes to Pizza Hut. ughhhh.

That's irritating Gerald's hand but the effect turned out pretty nicely.
so you are forgiven, tololloll. 

Moody Gabbie!

Mac & Cheese? I can't really remember the name but what i vividly remember is, this dish is damn jerlat. Ate less than 10 spoonfuls and i gave it to gabbie and prissy!

Chewy chocolate sundae! I change the ice cream to coffee flavour. Nom nomzz.

Went to Art Friend at @ Buona Vista with Jeany, pris and gabbie after that! 

Bought soft pastels because i wanna chalk my hair. 

This is me! Woohooo

One North.

Gabriella and I went to Holland V after that : >

Then, i drove back home :)

okiedokies, till next time. xoxo

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