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I hope 5 years down the road this will be the avenue I will look back on.

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gleniclaramirah aka Rojaks :)
Saturday, December 31, 2011 ▪ 3:12 AM

Today marks the last day of 2011 and im gonna dedicate my first post of today to my very very very best friends, Glenda, Nicole and Amirah :) 

 Okay, lets rewind our life back in 2010, after we ended our O levels, we had our prom night :)

 November 2010

 Another day in Nov we met up to shop and we ate at Best fries forever in Cineleisure!

December 2010!
 life was starting to become hectic because all of us had jobs but we still managed to meet at nex. wanted to eat at somewhere posh but in the end we ended up eating at Wendy's. ._.

 Jan 2011
life was too hectic and all of us just put in our 101% to earn money!

 Feb 2011
Finally, fulfilled our secondary school dream to have buffet together :) Wanted to eat at somewhere posh but it was expensive :( want to have buffet that is cheap and good, not halal. -.- LOL in the end we settled for one at Novena! :)

This was an impromptu meet up! and that day Nicole treated us Starbucks because she was late. hahaha.

 March 2011
(didn't meet up at all because I, CLARATANJUNWEI, tore my ligament while doing a stupid stunt when i was working and i couldn't walk for a whole week -.-" #worstperiodofmylife )

 April 2011

Karaoke date :)

 May 2011
 Glenda's birthday :)

 June 2011
 Went to shop at VictoriaJomo :)

 met up at night for dessert at icekimo, our fav ice cream shop during our secondary school days :)

 Nicole babe's birthday :)

 Jul-Sep 2011
We didn't really meet up as a clique and i guess that is where problems start to arise. All of us started to feel left out :( ohwells, at least now is #alliswell

October 2011
Met up as a clique after so so so freaking long. Had one of the best htht and I trashed some of my r/s issues to my best friends. felt so good after that :) and i swear this glenda gives such good advices :)

November 2011
Thank you everyone who planned and came ( Jiale, Amirah, Nicole, Glenda, Edmund KiewJoseph Tan,  Wallace Chin BubbleBoy, Shaquille Lim Jaryl Wong Anthony Tan Shamala RajasegaranLam Pei Hua Pei Yi LoHo Tung Chen Shawn Chia David Chen En Wei Tan Eugene Chua)

December 2011
 Shisha and Timbre date :)

Christmas Celebration

I love you girls so much,
Thank you girl for sticking by me and supporting me in whatever i do :)
Thank you for cheering me up whenever I'm sad.

Thank you for visiting me when i tore my ligament.
Thank you Amirah for bringing me to the hostipal :') Without you, i guess no one will send me to the hospital and i will go to the hospital alone!
Thank you Glenda for bringing me a bar of chocolate as a get well gift :) heeeheee, was really happy that you came and you got a present for me too ^^
Thank you Nicole for visiting me the most when i tore my ligament, thank you for coming to my house after you finish work. Because i was somehow bed ridden, your presence made me feel much better.

 Thank you girls  for tolerating my nonsense all these year. I know at times my joke isn't funny at all, but in the end we will always laugh at how retarded the joke is :) Thank you for tolerating me whenever im angry. I'm so thankful to have you girls in my life :)

I will always remember the days after school we will just hang out for bubble tea, going to Prime's carpark and eat.... durains. HAHAHHAH. will also remember the days when we will just stay back at school for drama club and dancing at the craziest songs :) I guess drama really bonded us a lot :)

Well, this year it was really tough to maintain this close friendship together because all of us are in different schools/ faculty and i know this year we had quite a number of low moments too.

This 6 years of friendship, we had so many low periods. The lowest was when Nic changed class and we literally don't wanna meet each other but I'm really happy and proud that we decided to surpass all this low periods together and stay with each other :)

I love you girls so much, so much. I can't wait for our future boyfriend/husbands/children to meet :)

and in a few days time, cheers to the start of our 7 years friendship :)

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Friday, December 30, 2011 ▪ 1:54 PM

2 days before christmas, Nat came over to my house to bake cupcakes as christmas presents for our churchmates :) There were so many funny and failed moments that we ended up laughing! While we were mixing the ingredients for the first batch, i forgot to add vegetable oil. LOL. and then later due to my unrefined nature, i was so careless and i burned my fingers! Nat, just kept laughing at me!


Breaking the egg!

sigh :/

Sissy helped in drawing the icing decorations! 


I drew this! >:)

Wrapped it! it looks like some hello kitty design right?

sigh but do you know what was the sad part?
On Christmas Day, the icing melted :(

Let me end off this post with an icing that Nat designed for me. 

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Merry Christmas/ Secret Santa
Sunday, December 25, 2011 ▪ 10:19 PM

So happy to spend my one of my favourite occasion with a group of my favourite people. We stayed at some chalet (and it was my first time staying over at a class event) and on the second day we celebrated Christmas together! How blessed :)

Presents under the mini Christmas tree! (This was before everyone arrived)

Tried on the Santa Outfit that David brought to the party!
I look cute right with my huge tummy >:) and that's enwei, we bickered almost everyday during the chalet! quite funny though!

Jaryl goofing around with Anthony's guitar.

Toasting before our dinner!

We ordered Sarpino's Pizzeria and it was really delicious! better than Pizza Hut's.

What's Christmas without Turkey, Ham and Log Cakes? and the log cake is really cute! Bought it from Delifrance!

So cute right?

like their birthday hor? HAHAHAH

Always camera ready >:)

The pizza was finished within 7 mins -_-" We were monsters!

Wallace, why you so happy?

Rachel and Jiale wearing red!

Look at the presents!!! : >

Posing with the presents first!

Santa for the night!!!

His stomach was huge and it has the exact shape as the beer belly! HAHA

My present from my Secret Santa!

Rachel's lunchbox!

My Secret Santa was Beena! And Beena's Secret Santa was me!
Bought for her colourful panties and accessories!!

Posing with the presents that our Secret Santa Bought :)

Jiale, Mrs Chin and me :)

Amimi :)

Their gayness starts:

Mrs Chin, the best form teacher one could ever ask for :)

Xiaocats :)


Amanda & Beena

After the dinner/ presents, etc, all of us went to the room and started to chat with Mrs Chin again! feels like I am a Sec 3 kid all over again  :)

I love this class so much, well after all I spent almost half a decade with majority of them :)


Oh, and Merry Merry Christmas :)

Till next time,

Some pictures were from Rachel's dslr!

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